Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Deep Honey's Hiatus

Sorry for the absence, ya'll, but I was dealing with the eternal struggle of art vs. commerce last week.

I was also up to some hipster tourism in NYC.  I had to get out of the city!!!   I shopped in SOHO, hit the DUMBO Arts Fest at the Brooklyn Bridge Park (which has a great view of Manhattan and is mind-bogglingly clean--even the bathrooms), pigged out on cheap dumplings in Chinatown, checked out the Hester Street Fair, went to the Brooklyn Flea Market, limped into the "We Da Peoples" cabaret at Harlem Stage to see the final two acts (amazing, but took getting lost and risking life and limb following inadequate directions...grr) and, with the exception of a crazy medical mystery involving swollen thighs, just enjoyed being out of town.

I intended to see and be seen at the Santos Party House, but will have to save that for next time.   

Hit me up and let me know your favorite things to do when you're in NYC.  I'm planning to take another trip before it gets cold.

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