Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Live...from a secret bachelorette lair atop her favorite obelisk...

Friends, family, lovers, select haters, and the rest: 

On this, the seventh day of September, 2010 A.D., deep.honey has decided to break her silence. 

Mark this day in the annals.

I started this blog because I feel that there's a lot of useless chatter re Black women's issues on the Net.  You see the same tired, cynical posts, such as:

"(Insert Random Black Celeb Male) Out with (Insert Random B-List White Chick)--What's Wrong With Black Men?"

"(Insert Random Trifling Black Celeb Male)'s BabyMama Says He Smashed (Insert Random Low Budget R&B Lipsyncher) While She Was On Bed Rest With Their Twins"

"(Random C-List BabyMama) Finally Marries (Baller or Rapper of the Moment) After Seven Years"

I'm sick of it.  If you want that b.s., this is definitely not the blog for you.  

deep.honey is about moving Black women forward, taking ourselves to a higher plane of awareness, but still keeping it sexy and fabulous.  It's about defining ourselves as sentient, intelligent, and whole in defiance of the ghetto representations we see in the media and hear on the radio. Yes, there will be comedy, but it's all in service to these goals.  

I'll discuss my experiences living in the DC area as a single Black woman, and I invite you to share yours.  

I've lived here for 11 years (time flies when you're having fun), and have witnessed so many of the amazing changes in the city.  I can't believe I'm still here, but no other city has the right mix of what I want in my life like the DC Metro does--a large, upwardly mobile Black middle class, a confluence of cultures, solid arts and nightlife scenes, grown men that know how to dress when they go to the club (Atlanta and Miami can keep their white tees and jeans, thanks)...and it keeps getting better.  We'll talk about what's really going on behind the scenes.  Feel free to send me any useful, truthful tips you may have.

So, stay tuned to this site.  I promise I won't write anything that I wouldn't spend my valuable time reading.  Thanks to everyone that convinced me to do this.     

Peace and Love,