Friday, October 22, 2010

WTF?! of the Week--D.C. G.O.P. Candidate Missy Reilly Smith's TV Ads

Um, why am I being assaulted by pictures of bloody, supposedly aborted fetuses during dinnertime?! 

DC's Fox 5 and ABC 7 (and possibly other networks, but I haven't seen evidence of this yet) are running G.O.P. candidate for D.C. Delegate Missy Reilly Smith's ad featuring these kinds of photos.  The woman is clearly unhinged, and she also takes time to blast Obama and the Democratic leadership in Congress during the ad.

Who approved ads of such a graphic nature?  Does anyone care that there may be children watching?

If you're as ticked off about this as I am, contact the stations airing the ad and ask them if their station managers have gone senile.

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