Friday, December 10, 2010

Oprah and Barb Last Night

Okay, the special was entertaining, but it told us little that we didn't already know.

In all, I came to the conclusion that being Oprah must be a little lonely, even though the world feels like it knows her.  Oprah seems to have some emotional distance from her parents, even though she takes care of them financially.  This helps to explain her really close friendship with Gail.  They've been friends for 30 years, beginning when both worked in B'more.  Through tears, Oprah called her the mother she never had, "the sister that everybody would want, the friend that everybody deserves."  I understand.  Well, the "mother" part was a little strange...  I honestly got a little choked up watching her and thinking about my BFF.  Luv ya girl!   

Also, Barbara must be the only person in America that didn't know that Oprah and Stedman were still together.  I didn't know he lived with her full-time, though.

Barbara spent entirely too much time on the gay rumors, and didn't press her on what people with sense really wanted to know.  Like when Oprah said,  "So glad I didn't get married." She honestly believes that if she had married Stedman Graham, they would likely be divorced.  She said that when you are married, "there are certain expectations."  I don't understand what she meant by that.  That was the single most revealing moment, and Ms. Walters didn't execute any verbal maneuvers to get her to provide more details.  Boo.  Does it mean that Stedman has majorly slipped up a number of times?  Seen other women?  BTW, O said that Sted agreed with her statement re divorce wholeheartedly...  Does that mean that she likes her freedom as the most powerful woman in the world, and she refuses to let anything, even a legal document, dictate her personal life?  Is there something inside her that keeps her from fully trusting men?  Such a rich vein to explore, but Barbara didn't do it.  Grrr.

Ms. Winfrey doesn't have any regrets about not having children.  She believes that she couldn't have had a child and produced her show with the "intensity" that it required.  I found that to be a little sad.  Essentially, her show and you, the viewer, became her children.  Gives me a little chill.  If Oprah can't "have it all," well, who can?

Does it say something about our society when the richest, most powerful Black woman on the planet eschews marriage and chooses her career over the possibility of motherhood?   I'm definitely not judging, but let me know what you think.

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