Monday, January 17, 2011

100 Angry Black Women Networking Event

Hate Steve Harvey's countrified "humor" and cat daddy suits?

Source:  DideoObtained via Wikipedia under a Creative Commons License.
Still haven't forgiven him for bringing syndicated coonery to D.C.'s airwaves via your beloved WHUR?

Think he's wrong for fashioning himself as a relationship expert, profiting off desperate, feeble-minded, relationship-challenged sisters, especially when he's on his THIRD marriage and has NO psych degree (dropped out of Kent State...)?

Did you cancel your subscription to ESSENCE when he became a columnist?

And finally, are you still reeling at the news that Act Like a on its way to becoming a movie?

Well, you can finally stop carping to your friends and submitting vitriolic posts to CLUTCH.  Feel free to share your concerns with Mr. Harvey in person at his signing of Straight Talk, No Chaser: How to Find, Keep and Understand a Man, taking place at the 18th and L Street Borders on 1/19.

I think Borders has a "No Pitchforks Allowed" sign at the entrance, so govern yourselves accordingly. :P

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