Friday, April 1, 2011

It's April. And You Know What That Means.

You have roughly 59 days to whip yourself into swimsuit-readiness before Memorial Day.

Don't groan.  I needed that reminder more than anyone.  I prefer to jog and walk outside, and this winter has been brutal, so I've basically done little more than lift light weights and do a few squats every now and then.  I do have access to a gym, but I've been really lazy.  I'm going to start going again, since they've recently renovated the facility.

How can you stay focused?  Set goals and research exercises that target problem areas.  There are so many sources of info on the web.  Last year, I found two toning exercises that helped me firm up my arms with light weights, and did them roughly five days a week.  I saw results rather quickly, and pressed forward.  This year, I'm going to keep up the arm work and make extra effort to tone my lower half.  I may also break out a DVD I purchased last year called "Belly, Butt and Thighs Boot Camp." I got tired even watching an overview of the exercises.

Just remember, paying for classes isn't your only option--just get yourself into a regular schedule to exercise.  Of course, eating balanced meals and learning to love veggies is also necessary for staying in shape.  I've substituted lettuce for more nutritious spinach in my salads and sandwiches, and I also keep bags of frozen vegetables on hand for when I don't feel like chopping anything.  I also prepare more of my own meals instead of being overly dependent on take-out and delivery foods with high salt and fat content.

If you have secrets you'd like to share re getting yourself bikini-ready, feel free to respond in the comments section.  We need all of the inspiration we can get! 

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