Monday, August 22, 2011

The Original Sasha Fierce?

Caught School Daze at the Atlas Theater yesterday.  As previously mentioned, the venue has been showing a Spike Lee retrospective since early July.  I'd never seen the film on the big screen before, only on VHS and DVD.  The movie geek within me felt the need to see it the way Spike intended. 

No matter how many times I see a movie made by Spike, I always find something different to appreciate in each viewing, such as the intricacies of his didactic dialogue or recognizing how particular scenes have made an impact on urban or pop culture.  

This time, the Gamma Rays' performance of "Be Alone Tonight" was one of my "aha!" moments.  Tisha Campbell, starring as Jane Toussaint, belted out this showstopper during the homecoming coronation ceremony scene.  Tisha's moves and facial expressions really made me wonder if Beyonce' peeped this and took copious notes before she went solo.   Check it out.

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