Friday, April 13, 2012

Will 'Think Like A Man' Live Up To The Hype?

I don't know, but at least I have my ticket to next week's screening!

I love some free passes!

I can't say that I'm a huge fan of the film's source material.  Thrice-married Steve Harvey doesn't have anybody's degree in anything, so I wasn't looking to him for relationship advice.

I will admit that I eventually borrowed the book from one of my friends, just to see what everyone was talking about.  It proceeded to sit in my apartment, untouched, for a month.  Then, I quickly skimmed it, skipping large chunks of some chapters altogether.  I did see a couple of useful insights into how men think, and the quality of the writing was better than expected (he collaborated with Denene Millner, a well-respected contributor to ESSENCE), but everything else was elementary for any sister with common sense and a modicum of self-esteem.

Fast forward to this month.  The web buzz on Think Like a Man's upcoming theatrical release is deafening. The scores from its test audiences went way beyond reasonable expectations and drew tremendous media attention.  The favorability ratings were apparently some of the best ever recorded from research screenings. 

Thus, in the name of black film research--for my beloved readers, of course ;) --and much-needed laughs, I will plant my butt in a seat next week and give you my review on Thursday.

Do you plan to see the movie?  If not, was the film's Steve Harvey association a turnoff?

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