Monday, September 20, 2010

Things I'm Looking Forward to...

In no particular order:

1.  Cuba Libre in Penn Quarter.  Yes, it's coming to D.C., and I may have just run out of reasons to go to Philly.  I'm a big fan:  Dancing, great drinks, fabulous brunch.  Please export them all here.  The opening date keeps getting pushed back, but it may open next week.  Stay tuned. 

2.  Esperanza Spalding at Lincoln Theatre - Oct. 3.  Love her and her amazing 'fro.  She is reinventing jazz, and has some excellent samba and bossa nova-influenced numbers.

3.  Alice Walker at Busboys (14th and V NW) - Oct. 2.  Although I won't be there--it will cost you a pretty penny just to be in the room--I definitely had to give it a mention.

4.  Boris Kodjoe on "Undercovers," NBC, Wednesday.  I don't even have to explain, because you know.

5.  Vanessa Williams on "Desperate Housewives."  I haven't actively watched this show since the tornado.  Or was it the plane crash?  Whatever.  It really doesn't matter.  They may win me back if Ms. Williams brings some much-needed flavor to Wisteria Lane.

6.  DC Fashion Week, Sept. 20-26.  Various locations.  Support local artistes.

7.  Soul Train Happy Hour at U St. Music Hall, this Fri., 5 PM.  I don't even know what to expect, but since it's at USMH, I bet it will be a stone gas, honey.  (snort, snort)  Don't make me unleash my 'fro.

8.  (sorta-kinda) The Roots' new collabo with John Legend.  Can't say that I'm a fan of John Legend (Howzabout Anthony Hamilton? Or D.C.'s own Raheem DeVaughn?  Why not dig up crazy-a$$ D'Angelo?  Or crazy-a$$ to the extreme K-Ci?  Call me a traitor to the race, but I would even rather see Robin Thicke cut this CD.  ANYBODY BUT John Legend...), but their take on a number of soul classics should be interesting.

That's it for now.  I'll do my best to post something of real substance tomorrow.