Thursday, September 16, 2010

Wiggin' Out

You know that I am a proponent of natural 'dos.

Even my still-under-construction (#?&@ triflin' artists...) logo reflects this.

So why do I secretly want to rock a wig?

Not every day, but maybe during some crazy nights out.

I've been cultivating my natural for the past nine years, changing up the look fairly often (twists, small rod sets, post-twist waves, regular 'fro, creative stylist-assisted updos, the rare press and curl) to keep myself entertained, and after some damaging experiments in color, all is finally at a level of thickness and health that my ancestors would be more than happy about.

It's just that sometimes, after spending an entire Saturday afternoon dealing with my hair, I see Tyra, Beyonce', Leela James or Wendy Williams in the media and truly appreciate the easy-breezy, grab-and-go of a well-cut wig.

Don't trip.  I don't want one of Wendy's Frankenstein "this is three wigs sewn into one" abominations.

I want a nice, graduated bob so that I can experiment with another texture every now and then while keeping my own hair heathy.

However, I worry that I will end up looking a hot mess, like 99% of the sisters I see with wigs.  Or like Gabby Sidibe on her upcoming ELLE cover:

You can usually tell that they're wearing a wig, and they do a bad job of blending the new strands with their own hair.

All I can say is, if you do go down this road*:
  • Go to the beauty supply store with a friend with good taste that will give you her honest opinion.  
  • Go to a mirror and look at how it moves when you turn your head from side to side.  The way hair moves is always the biggest clue as to whether or not someone's rocking fake hair.
  • Buy the best hair that you can afford that mimics Black textures. If you show up with hair from, say, the Jessica Simpson Collection, you're asking for trouble. 
  • Resist the temptation to buy a wig that extends to your areolas.  It just looks ridiculous. 
  • Get a stylist to do a good trim on the wig so that it frames your face in a natural manner.
  • Check the tags for recommendations re upkeep.
  • Keep it on a form that will allow it to keep its shape.
Should I muster up the courage to get one, I'll let you know how it goes.  It would be an interesting social experiment...

*deep.honey is not in any way a licensed cosmetologist, and you should consult with your favorite stylist/beauty supply owner/trichologist about whether a wig is right for you.  :)

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