Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Love with a Proper...Owner

Q:  Remember waaaaay back when you first moved to D.C., and your girls would visit from out-of-town, and they wanted to go to the biggest, baddest spot to party?  Where did you take them?

A:   Dream.

I don't know if I even visited once during the Love era.

Anyhoo, The Washington City Paper reports that the ABC Board approved the sale of Marc Barnes' bankrupt club to Dean Smothers, current owner of The Scene, a nightclub in Northeast.  Anybody heard of that?  I couldn't even find a Yelp review!  Apparently, The Scene has go-go events.

Smothers is a firefighter/real estate investor who has had problems paying off tax debts related to The Scene in the past.  The ABC Board also held up the sale earlier in the month due to the taxes and concerns about whether or not the buyer's finances were sufficent to complete the $7.3 million purchase.  Is it just me and my psychic powers, or am I the only one that predicts problems ahead, a little deja vu, if you will?

My assessment:  The location of the building has always been an issue (who didn't fear getting their car broken into or stolen in the Dream days) and now, with all of the options downtown and around U St., who's going to want to drive out there again?  Also, the size of the complex alone makes it a dinosaur.  Everybody goes to smaller, easier-to-navigate lounges now.  Smothers had better put together something spec-freaking-tacular to beat the current odds.

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