Tuesday, October 19, 2010

One for My VA Beach/Hampton Roads Peeps

According to the Washington Post's Virginia Politics Blog, David Bartholomew, the chairman of the Virginia Beach Republican Committee, has rightly decided to tuck HIS tail between his legs and resign...har, har.

deep.honey hopes he took a long walk off a short seaside pier afterward.

You see, Mr. Bartholomew forwarded an e-mail with a racist joke featuring a "black dog" whose owner applies for welfare on its behalf.  The sharp eyes at the Blue Virginia blog called him out:

How can you be so hateful when you live near the beach?!  But I've been told before that the Virginia Beach area definitely has more than its share of "racial issues."
My sisters who are transplants from that area need to check in with their folks and make sure they are supporting their local Urban League and/or NAACP...

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