Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Update: Korto Momolu at DC 50's Fashion, Beauty and Lifestyle Expo

On Saturday, I got out of my last conference session just in time to see Korto Momolu's fashion show at the DC 50 Fashion, Beauty and Lifestyle Expo.   Her show was the last of the day.

The airy dresses and separates she presented practically floated down the runway on their own.  Most of the models were attired in evening looks.

Some dresses were beige or sunlight yellow, interwoven with golden threads and sequins.  There were other evening ensembles that featured black sequins.  It was a bizarre color mix, but the dresses were constructed in a way that would look great on a number of body types. The artful draping on the brightly-colored dresses could definitely draw your eye away from a variety of feminine flaws.

The designs reflected a clear point of view, and the bold colors made me sit up and take notice.  Although I didn't see any styles that I would place on my wish list, it was a great effort.

Ms. Momolu appeared on the runway at the end of the show, looked fabulous, and showed much love to the DMV.

Also, Jaslene Gonzalez, a previous winner from America's Next Top Model, gave a fierce walk in the show-- Tyra and Miss J taught her well!  I've only been to a few fashion shows, and it was honestly a little jarring to see models at such close proximity at this event.  The audience could stand at the end of the raised catwalk, and let's just say that one in particular took skinny to another level.  But I'm not hating, just relating.

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