Monday, October 11, 2010

Weekend Serendipity

The weekend got off to a great start.
On Friday, the partner in crime was Conspiracy Bunny, and we decided to hit the happy hour at Bar 7.

Unfortunately, my hair dilemmas and wardrobe indecision caused us to miss HH by 18 minutes.  My apologies, C.B.

Nevertheless, I managed to turn my hair into a crazy, "functional art" updo--wild waves everywhere in the front-- and kept it moving.

When we finally walked into Bar 7, I was surprised to find a relatively laid-back crowd in a mix of casual and post-office attire.  During my last visit there during a late-night Friday event, the vibe was a little standoffish and overly buppie pegro.  Everyone seemed to have checked their attitudes at the door on this night, though.  There wasn't a lot of dancing, but it was a good spot to kick back on a girls' night out and trip out with drinks on the banquettes.  There was also a decent male to female ratio, and it wasn't overrun with short dudes lacking personality--quite refreshing for a DC buppie spot.

Randomness:  Dude at the bar who claimed to be a former Cincinnati Red.  He was obviously lying, couldn't get his story straight.  Foul ball!  Playa should tighten up his game before making the trek from B'more again.   But his muscles get 5 pts.

Next stop: Funxion

It was still rather early in the evening when we hit Funxion.  It has an odd concept behind it--health food and smoothies by day, bar with healthy options by night.  This was my first time there, so I wasn't sure what to expect.  Surprisingly, the clientele was about 90% African-American professionals.  There weren't a lot of people there, and most seemed to be hanging in the groups they arrived with.  Regardless, I would say that the vibe of the bar was relatively friendly. 

The decor was great, a mix of modern architectural elements and playful futuristic furniture.  The music was decent, and one patron said that they allow anyone with an Ipod to play DJ on Fridays.  I didn't see any evidence to support that claim.  They need a good promoter--we spent less than 20 min there due to the lack of energy in the room, then randomly decided to head to...

Last stop:  The W Living Room and P.O.V. Lounge

While walking up, I recognized Redskin London Fletcher and said a brief hello and kept it moving (he's a family man, ladies).  There was a great article about his community involvement in On Tap magazine last month.

C.B. and I continued on to the W's refined Living Room to drink ridiculously expensive wine and enjoy the house and pop being spun by the DJ.  It was the most jamming hotel lobby I've been to in a long time.
The crowd there was a mix of sophisticated business travelers and locals in the know.  Dress to impress should you ever decide to stop by.

Randomness:  The $19 glass of Chardonnay I ordered by accident was some of the worst wine I've had in a long time.  Should have sent it back.  Lesson learned--always check the bar menu before ordering.

Later, we headed up to the renowned rooftop lounge to enjoy the great view of the monuments.  We got up without any drama, thus the title of this post.  The crowd was a mix of ages, and relatively insular, but I enjoyed myself.  The music was low due to the adjacent restaurant, but it's a good spot to unwind and enjoy a drink.  I could see it being a good spot for a date...wish I'd had a man with me. ;)  But thanx for your patience on this adventure, C.B.!

That night was so packed, I saw no need to be out and about on Sat.  I just chilled out, visited an Arts and Crafts show in Ballston and then stopped by Pentagon City for a wristlet--I am wearing out the bronze one I've had forever.  Why are good black wristlets so hard to find? 

Sunday consisted of church, IHOP and convertible rides down the G.W. Parkway with a neighbor afterwards, then grocery shopping and vegging out.

All in all, a decent weekend.

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