Thursday, October 14, 2010

For the Fashionistas

One event I might check out this weekend: The CW/DC50's Fashion, Beauty and Lifestyle Expo 2010.,0,3988949.story

Tickets are $10 online.

I'm attending a conference close to the convention center on Saturday, and I might stop in, mainly to see the show of Korto Momolu, a former Project Runway finalist.   If we happen to cross paths, I'm going to have to give her a sistergirl fistbump and tell her that she got robbed by Nina, Michael and Heidi--TWICE!

She was one of the most talented designers they ever had, and she lost to two folks whom we haven't really heard anything from since.

I've also heard good things re Tashia Senn, an up-and-coming D.C.-based designer who will be hosting a show at 4:30 on Saturday.

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