Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Kitchen Lab Update and Praise Report

Let's start with the praise report.

Thank you, Jesus, for sparing my apartment and epidermis last night.  I was thisclose to starting a MAJOR grease fire while attempting to fry the previously-mentioned Honey-Peppered Buttermilk Chicken for the first time.  I should've stuck to G. Garvin's recipe instead of going with that of another chef...

Folks, always trust your instincts.  I knew that in no way did I need the crazy number of inches of oil specified to fry a whole chicken, but thought, "Hey, the chef that wrote the recipe is a should be okay."  Grr.

Final Results:

The chicken turned out too sweet.  When it comes to the classics, just leave well enough alone.

The crust thickness was great, better than in any of my other fried chicken experiments, but I was disappointed because the large bone-in pieces ended up too dark in most cases, due to having to make sure that the thick centers were done.  But it was all edible after removing the highly scorched areas.


11/11/10 update:   Is blogging about your fried chicken experiments boughetto?  Just asking.

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