Monday, November 15, 2010

Weekend Wrap-Up, 11.12 - 11.15.10

This was an insanely busy weekend, and I am exhausted.  Taking Monday off.


Saw Starshell at Lotus Lounge on Friday night.  Well, it was technically early Saturday AM. 

The song she performed, "Superlova," had a Katy Perry and Rihanna-esque techno pop flavor.  Think "Only Girl in the World."

The sound and performance were more appropo for fist-pumping than an R&B groove, but as I wrote on Fri., she'll probably be the next big thing when her album drops early next year, due to her all-star production team.

She's gorgeous, was very sweet in person, and is excited to be the first female act signed to Mary J. Blige's new label.  Hope to score a full interview.  Also, many thanks to Ray at Lotus for the intro.

Got in a lot later than expected Sat. AM, but had to get up early (well, early for me on a Sat.) to tame the bush that is my hair on my own b/c I got a last minute e-mail on Fri. about doing an early afternoon event at the National Harbor, but wasn't able to get a hair appointment that would get me out before noon.  Arrgh.

But I hooked it up in a funky, retro-inspired updo, ThankYouJesus.

Ended up spending the entire afternoon and a good portion of my evening at the Harbor complex.  I interviewed Kem, a smooth R&B artist, and went to his concert later that night.

In between the interview and the concert, I checked out HOST-DC's Recess at the Aloft Hotel. In case you've been under a rock, Recess is the monthly game night for adults that rotates to different spots around the city, but is best known for its National Harbor nights.  Had a great time, and wished I could stay later--fabulous bar, mid-20s to early 30s crowd--but had to get back to get a table for the Kem concert.  Many thanks to "Safety Patrol" Jay at HOST-DC's front desk!

Went to church Sunday.  Praised the Lord, but was highly annoyed throughout most of the service by middle-class Bebe's Kids behind me.  Do people not take their disruptive elementary school kids out of service anymore?!!  Somebody needed to get their mother a switch...   
Still in need of more rest.  Also need anthropomorphic mounds of laundry & drycleaning to magically walk to basement and strip mall and clean themselves.

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