Monday, November 29, 2010

What You Missed While You Were Fighting Chicks at the Mall

While folks were out standing in lines on Black Friday (unnecessary for the single and fabulous who have no kids to shop for...;), our president somehow managed to end up with the most ghetto injury that a person of his stature could attain.

Yes, darlings, he caught a 'bow to the grill while playing basketball, requiring 12 stitches to his lip.  SMFreakin'H.

My brother, why are you playing into The Man's hands?!!!  Those devils at Fox News are just loving this.  This feeds perfectly into their hateful narrative of who they claim you to be.

And your comment today, "I will continue to be playing basketball..." just made it that much worse.

We support you, but you are obviously off your game on the court and in the Oval Office, and we need you to trash your playbook, regroup and gain some focus about how to solve the domestic issues that plague us all.  This is also a good time to demonstrate your strength by taking a tough offensive posture with North Korea, who continues to punk the entire world.  Don't try to restrain South Korea.  Let them handle their business.

You also need to carefully craft a subtle image makeover.  Be less accessible.  Stop showing up in random places on basic cable.  If something isn't specifically helping your image, it's hurting it.  When you do appear behind a lectern, show some emotion. 

Meanwhile, we'll be biting our nails in the cheap seats, waiting for the game-changing goal.       

Note:  Sorry for the hiatus, ya'll.  Between deadlines and blog function problems, I've been in my own little world for the past two weeks. But I'm trying to get into some trouble between now and New Year's, and will update you on my exploits.

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