Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Have a Blessed Day...

Ghetto.  Trifling.  Unprofessional.

It's funny how some Black folks get a smidgen of power and a 'lil title that means absolutely nothing, and lose their minds.

Yesterday, I politely requested that someone do their job (and fulfill a legal obligation, btw) and fax a document to me because it wouldn't open in my version of Adobe, and she absolutely lost her mind. 

I mean, her butt hit her shoulders via e-mail.

I saw RED. 

But I had to remember a rule I live by (even though it was soooo hard)Never engage idiots in e-mail combat.  You have to stay professional at all times, and telling a childish, probably jealous, ghetto troll off in print could come back to bite you in the butt later.  She was probably still mad because I sweetly corrected her capitalization once.  Oh well.

I opted to take a deep breath, commune with Jesus, and type a short, professional message back, ignoring her invective.  Ended with "May God bless you anyway" and took care of the situation via other means.

Jesus is definitely working on me this week.  Stay focused on your goals, everybody! 


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