Friday, December 3, 2010

Crazy Anti-Frizz Remedies and Other News from the Natural Hair Lab

Last week, I decided I needed a change from my usual natural twists.

I wanted curls, so I set my hair on small perm rods and it looked kinda cute.  Yay me!!!  This was my first successful attempt at this style at home.  On previous occasions, I ended up with a big, frizzy mess.

I did have some frizz at the tips on some strands, and decided to Google "natural hair and avoiding frizz."  This was the hilarious result:

I don't know about you, but I ain't putting KY in my hair...that just seems so wrong!  But if it's safe for your insides, then... Hmm.  Somebody try it and report back! 

Special Natural Hair Lab FYI:  Do not try a homemade banana conditioner without pureeing it in your blender first!!!  I found this out the hard way last week--I thought just thoroughly mashing the banana and mixing it with coconut milk would be fine.  WRONG.  I know I spent about an hour or more brushing tiny pieces of banana out of my coils.

I was soooo worried that I would miss some spots and end up looking like I had dry boogers in the back of my head.

So now you know.  And knowing is half the nappy battle.

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