Friday, December 17, 2010

Friday Randomness and Entertainment

First, the entertainment. 

As someone who recently purchased a Bell Biv DeVoe double CD set (Poison and the remixes, thankyouverymuch) at a thrift store,  I would be remiss if I didn't tell you that they were performing at Liv on Sunday night.

If you care about rich, successful and highly muscular NBA players with babymamas, King James is going to be at Lux tonight.  There are ways to get in for free before 11.

My nightlife resolution, which I will enact a little early, actually tonight, is to enjoy being in the moment and chilling out with whoever is around me.  I will not look around the lounge wishing that there were cuter, more diverse, less juvenile men present.  I WILL bring the party with me and ensure that the friends hanging with me get on board. 

I went out two weeks ago to a soul and funk event at a cool, laid-back bar in NE with greaaaat drinks.  I talked to a few sisters nearby at the bar who were celebrating a birthday, and like me, were first-time visitors.  However, I ended up leaving and heading to a reggae spot on U because there were only a few brothers there.  This tally included one African granddaddy who had wandered in and basically stalked me from the time I sat down.  Old bugaboo.   I will never leave so early again unless I am really uncomfortable with the crowd...why should I miss out on a unique event because "Tyrone" hasn't gotten hip to what I'm into?

I'll leave that as a little food for thought.  Have a fabulous weekend! 

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