Monday, December 20, 2010

Monday Hilarity

As someone who's had not one, but TWO experiences of being stuck on dead Amtrak trains for hours, one in which riders had to be "rescued" by an Acela without enough seats for everyone, I completely empathize with ABC 7 reporter Steven Tschida and his 10 hours of freezing rail hell between Perryville and Philly last week. 

If you haven't seen them, Tschida's tweets of the situation were hilariously vivid.  I got a chill in my toenails, smelled the rank breath of the passengers and wanted to throw Amtrak magazines at the conductor as I read.  However, the snarky comment trolls of New York Mag definitely didn't shed a tear for him.

Do they not understand how cold it was here last week?!!!  And it was likely one of those nights that the wind was out of control.  That dude should get free soup everywhere he goes now.  Or Au Bon Pain at Union Station should name one after him.

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