Monday, January 3, 2011

It's a New Year. If You Can't Grow Together...

...then you shouldn't be together.  Feel free to cite this article as your supporting research.

Please know that I am not directing this post towards anybody who's already in a state of wedded bliss...if you made your decision, I really hope you're secure in it.

I wonder if most break-ups occur during the first week of the year, when everyone is trying to make a fresh start.

**Flashback to one Jan. 2nd when I forced myself to have "the conversation" with a hot guy who I just couldn't allow to make it past the three-month mark...just wasn't anything close to marriage material.**

My mind's often been on relationships lately.  I'm tempted to ask couples in my family who have been married for 10+ years about how they knew they had "the one" and how they've kept it together for so long, but we are all very private people.  We're not the types to argue in public or tell our "business" unless there's a really good reason.  When I work up the courage, I'm going to send out an e-mail to a few of them and see if they'll respond (even anonymously, via snail mail).  I'll share the results.

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