Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Hill Harper Is Looking Pretty Darn Good for 45

I was just on IMDB.com, being nosy about other folks' film projects (when I should be concentrating on my own...), and I saw a list of actors born today.  My mouth dropped open when I saw Hill Harper listed as celebrating his 45th birthday!

I even had to check other sources to make sure that his age was correct.  I'm definitely not in love or anything, but I have to say that the brother is making 45 look pretty darn good.

Hmm.  We already know that Black don't crack (unless there are drugs and reeeeally hard living involved), but it seems like I'm coming across more and more boyish-looking grown a-- men these days.  I knew that it was bad enough dealing with the 37 year-olds in the club masquerading for 7-10 years younger, but now we have to worry about the 45 year-olds that look a decade younger too?!  Sheesh.

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