Monday, May 16, 2011

Technical Difficulties and Lauryn Follow-Up

My blog portal was experiencing technical difficulties (posts disappearing/system down for maintenance) from Thurs. afternoon through Fri. afternoon, so sorry for the lack of follow-up re Lauryn.

If you were waiting with bated breath, please know that she was dressed like a schizophrenic bag lady torn between repping mid-1980s hip-hop and the steppes of Machu Picchu.  SMH.  Her skin and makeup looked really good, though.  The difference between some pics I've seen of her recently and how she looked during this show made me wonder if she'd had some Restalyne or whatever rich folks are using for dermatological fillers now.

I wasn't too impressed with her performance of "Chances Are," the first number in her two-song set, but a little of that may be due to my lack of familiarity with the original.

I really wondered if she was going to kirk out when she started "Chances" by indicating that she needed more volume--couldn't tell if she was referring to her earpiece or her band.  We've all read the reports about her onstage behavior...  The issue must have been rectified to her satisfaction rather quickly, because she kept going.

She closed the show with an uptempo version of "Could You Be Loved," which I enjoyed.  She sounded almost like the old Lauryn on this one.  I don't recall her being overly bold or adventurous with her vocals, but it seemed like she gave this one her all.

Overall:  B.  However, I still wouldn't take a chance and buy a ticket to any concert featuring her as a headliner in the near future.  deep.honey ain't waiting 3 hrs on her feet for anybody to get a mani-pedi...

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