Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Oh, Michelle...

You are the newest addition to my list of heroes.  Jesus, Nelson Mandela, Oprah and my parents occupy the other spots.  And not only because of this fly video where you work it out to a Beyonce' remix at a middle school.

You're a feminine and focused public intellectual.  You prove that it's possible to maintain the sexy (and keep it classy) after 40.  You know how to project strength while also allowing your man to shine.  Even though it isn't your responsibility, you understand that you are representing all of us, and are doing so far better than we ever could have imagined.  You haven't shied away from your roots or keeping it real, and are so comfortable in your own skin (watch the whole video, ya'll) that you are inspiring me to summon the fearless diva within more often.  If, for some strange reason, I end up with three girls in the future, the last one will likely have Michelle as her middle name.

I really can't say enough.  Keep on silencing the haters with your excellence, intelligence, kindness and good deeds.

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