Friday, August 12, 2011

Prediction: Desperate Pick-Up Artists Will Begin Carrying Princess-Cut CZs at All Times

The literate ones all read that ridiculous Wall Street Journal article this week.  No, I didn't link directly to it--I refuse to supply more pageviews to stories about the plight of the "unmarried, over-educated black woman."  Well, guess what?  The artistes are already rolling out some new material for ya. 

Scene of the Crime:  The swagsponential new rooftop bar at Lost Society, U Street's newest (and only) boutique steakhouse.

Offense:  If you are going to try to pick up a sister with "I'm just here looking for my future wife," and "Can I touch your hair?" you might not want to slur the words.  How many Heinekens did YOU have?  I'm just saying. 

Verdict:  Since I had been drinking a magically never-ending glass of Chardonnay that evening, I was in a good mood.  His vibe was rather harmless, so I let the brother touch a strand.  Don't judge.  The twist-outs I rocked were looking pretty good that night, so I understood the temptation. ;)  Thankfully, he soon lumbered off to find a more receptive audience for his slightly-inebriated puppy dog routine.

Don't say that deep.honey didn't warn you.

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