Monday, April 16, 2012

It's Showtime, Synergy...WestSIIIDE!

Source:  MTV's Rapfix Blog
This ish cray.  How did Dre come up with the concept?

*cues harps and soft lighting for flashback sequence*
Late one evening, after a long day of plotting to take over the personal audio industry and eventually own Best Buy, Dre smokes his last bit of legally-prescribed medical marijuana (ahem) in his mahogany-paneled study and heads off to bed.  For some reason, he finds sleep elusive.  So he yells out, "TV on!" and a ginormous HD 3D wi-fi flatscreen with Beats technology not yet available to mere mortals emerges from the ceiling.
He begins flipping channels, hoping that he can locate one of the 200 weekly showings of Half Baked on a random cable channel.  Instead, he comes across the Hub network and sees an intriguing cartoon about a fashion-foward all-girl band with a pink-haired hologram as the lead singer.
Still high as Everest and sleep-deprived, he texts his business manager:  "Tupac hologram.  Co hella.  Want it yesterday or else.  Thumbs and toes look like vibrating choklate Cheetos rt now.  LOL.  Have I ever told u how much I appreciate u? <3Dre"
He has no memory of the text the next morning.


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