Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Random Thoughts: P.G. County Edition

The P.G. County drama doesn't deserve my full attention, being that I don't live there, but I thought I'd share a few pretty little thought bubbles on the issue anyway.

*light tinkling of piano in background, accompanied by somber violin*

1.  After seeing what happened to Sheila Dixon over "misusing" a few gift cards, how is it that the biggest Black pols in Maryland don't understand that their phones are probably tapped?  SMH.

2.  Jack Johnson, did you actually think that your wife's bra would hold 80K?   If one is in possession of bra cups of that capacity, their plastic surgeon is doing too much.

3.  I hope they release Johnson's call to his wife soon.  I have no doubt that somebody's going to make either a killer go-go song or viral dance around it.  
Go-go band leader: Put the money in ya bra...(points mike to the crowd) Crowd:...and flush the check down the bowl!

4.  Rushern Baker's live press conference to assure the business community and the citizens of P.G. that the county would move forward under his incoming administration was a ridiculous joke.  He obviously didn't practice with the statement beforehand, and kept stuttering and skipping words.  Also, does anyone else think that he looks like a big toddler in a suit, and that he wears too much M.A.C. foundation on camera, or is it just me?

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