Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Rumor Mill: Upcoming Dave Chappelle Shows in D.C.?!!

Is Dave Chappelle coming to D.C. for a few shows?

Source: Davej1006 via Wikimedia Commons.  Obtained under a Creative Commons License. 

I dunno, but unreliable 'net sources are chattering that tickets may go on sale in the next two weeks!

Keep this on the QT--do you know how quickly his last show at the Kennedy Center sold out?!

He recently played a few shows in San Francisco and Oakland, so let's cross our fingers.

If it's true, it will be like he telepathically heard my cries.  Just last week, I thought, "Man, I wish Dave would come back to TV or do some stand-up soon.  American politics and pop culture are so insanely corrupt right now, and he should come out of seclusion (or, according to Conspiracy Bunny, forced exile by the Black P.C. media mafia...) to speak some intelligent, comedic truth to power."  Well, that's the abridged and slightly more comedic version of what I was thinking, anyway.

I was pissed last year when a promoter advertised a show at the Lincoln Theatre, but tickets never went on sale.

So, I'll keep my eyes on Live Nation to see if it pans out!  If you find out before I do, you are hereby obligated to IMMEDIATELY send me an e-mail (those with the cell number betta text!).  Please.  I'm begging.  **puppy dog eyes**


Update:  The office of Dave's agent was unable to confirm or deny the D.C. show rumors.  Apparently, Dave isn't giving much advance notice re his comedy shows.  I guess that's Mr. Chappelle--still an enigma after all these years.

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