Friday, February 17, 2012

If You Have a Uterus and Live in Virginia...(UPDATE)

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Ladies, I was already feeling devalued and disrespected as a woman this week, what with Chris Brown being allowed to perform at the Grammys (looking like a woman-beating Q*bert), and the disgusting and horrifying news of Prof. Too $hort's XXL Magazine video lecture for young boys on how to sexually assault underage girls.  The editor and everyone associated with the posting should be fired, not suspended.  FIRED.  Too $hort and the individuals responsible for posting the video should be prosecuted.

Now, I read that the Virginia GOP is locked and loaded, aggressively targeting women's reproductive rights yet again via multiple billsVirginians, when will you learn?  You were spoiled during the Warner and Kaine eras.  A Republican governor here always means a replay of the nasty culture wars of the '90s...I also blame the VA Dems for putting a total Gomer on the ballot, but I digress...  The balance of the General Assembly currently favors the GOP, since the Senate is now divided, and the Republican Lieutenant Governor has the power to break any tie votes.

Virginia sisters, your uterus is undoubtedly under attack, and there is a full-scale invasion being planned.  Don't miss the full implications of these combined bills.  The GOP is essentially waging an all-out war to pass some of the most restrictive laws in the nation to severely limit your right to choose and thereby lay the legal foundation for a future abortion ban via granting "personhood" to fertilized eggs.  Even some contraceptives (emergency contraception and IUDs) could be outlawed.
If you are furious about the anti-woman, anti-choice shenanigans going down in Richmond, there are several ways to ensure that your voice is heard, including this highly creative FB page here.  In addition to calling your delegate, state senator, and the governor's office, you can participate in Planned Parenthood's Virginia Pro-Choice Coalition Day of Action, which will be taking place on Thursday, February 23.  You can sign up to volunteer in NoVa, and there are multiple time slots available.  Check out their website at for more info.

If you are specifically interested in taking part in the Day of Action at the Virginia General Assembly, or in other areas of the state, check out this Facebook page.
2.22.12 UPDATE:  Governor McDonnell backed off on the required transvaginal ultrasound outlined in VA House Bill 462, a provision some women's rights advocates have deemed "state-sponsored rape."  The bill was passed by the House with revised transabdominal ultrasound language, but the legislation is still problematic in that it even exists at all.  You can still make your voice heard via the methods mentioned above.

Props to local delegate Charniele Herring for speaking out on behalf of Virginia's women on the House floor.

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