Monday, July 2, 2012

Thoughts and Prayers...

If you were adversely affected by the weekend storm, you are in my thoughts and prayers!  I was blessed to only have my electricity blink on and off a few times, and for some strange reason, the central A/C went off for a few hours afterward.

After I heard a noise outside that sounded like a bomb going off, and saw the high hurricane-like winds that seemed to come out of nowhere on Friday night, I wondered, "If I post my last will and testament on Facebook, is it legally binding?  My parents better creamate me."  LOL. 

I won't use this opportunity to rant at length about the ridiculously fragile infrastructure of the capital area--for the conspiracy theorists, China won't have to bother taking over the city with tanks, just wait until a moderate storm passes and parachute right in...--I just hope you and your families are safe and sound and able to stay out of the heat.

God Bless!


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